Ep. 12 Ringu

Ep 12 - Ringu

‘The Grudge’, ‘Dark Water’, ‘Pulse’, ‘Shutter’, and way too many other horror films in the early 2000’s were in fact remakes of Asian films.  The ghost story that started it all was a Japanese movie, 1998’s ‘Ring’.  When it was redone in America as ‘The Ring’ in 2002, your nightmares were immediately haunted by creepiness of the imagery.

Living through the bombardment of these remakes, you may have heard a rumor that the original foreign language films were much more frightening then their American counterparts.  Fortunately for audiences, ‘Ring’ was re-branded as ‘Ringu’ and distributed in the United States.  With both versions easily available, audiences got to decide for themselves which film was the king of the creepy.